Month: December 2017

Budget Travel: The Cheapest Places To Visit

Travelling is a beautiful thing. New cultures, new cities, new people, new colors and different smells. But gosh it can be expensive. How do you enjoy tasting all this incredible food when the only thing you think about is how this dish is breaking your bank-account one bite at a time?

Not all places are equally expensive and traveling doesn’t have to leave you poor. Below we have compiled a list of some spectacular places with good bargains.


In recent years this Asian country has risen in popularly and for good reasons. Its beautiful beaches, impressive temples, and wonderful culture still offer relaxation and adventure for staggeringly low prices. Sure luxury is possible, but the amount you spend depends entirely on you. It is a wonderful country to visit both in the family and as a solo backpacker.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although not typically high on people’s dream holiday destinations, Bosnia is very underestimated. It is a beautiful historic droplet in the middle of Europe’s globalized orientation. A wonderful mix or religions and cultures, it is a fascinating place with friendly people. A restaurant dinner will cost you about $5-10 and beer is about $1.


In Central-America, this small country offers beautiful nature with adventurous experiences. Love water, snorkeling, and diving? This is the place for you. Fishes of all colors, shapes, and size await you in the famous Great Blue Hole. If the circular 318m across and 124m deep hole isn’t for you, beautiful white beaches and cocktails are always an alternative. Cheap, friendly and a wonderful destination.


Right next to Belize and just a few hours by bus away is Guatemala. Ancient history and culture is your thing? How about walking through Tikal, the mother of Mayan temples? Antigua is a cheap, small village with houses painted in hundreds of colors. Stay a while and take a few Spanish classes before hiking up to an active Volcano.


Loud, dirty and busy, India will undoubtedly give you a culture shock. But fear not, there is something for everyone. Beautiful beaches down in eschew Goa, brilliant temples and incredible food. India remains to be one of the highlights for backpackers and budget travelers. Little cash gets you impressively far and you will not be alone. Grab a bag and head to a hostel and you will meet wonderful open-minded travelers just like you.


Tacos, Nachos and Tequila. Sure, that’s all true, but there is so much more. The street food culture is incredibly flavorful, and Mexico has much to offer all around. Whether it is temples, buzzing cities, white beaches or cool the crystal-clear cenote (sinkhole), you will undoubtedly leave impressed.