Best Time to travel to the beaches

Beaches can be a party spot or can successfully be a place for solitude. It is hard to find a human being who does not enjoy beaches at any point of time in life. You will find people traveling to beaches around the year to enjoy their holiday, party or just to escape from the day-to-day mess in the city. Generally, there is no fixed time to visit the beaches. They are always fun and anyone can travel to beaches anytime. However, there are few splendid beaches that have a specific time to visit.

Miami Beaches

There are a number of beaches in Miami. Some of them have enough breath-taking view to make you glued to the seashore all day round. As Miami beaches are famous for party and fun at nights, people often visit there around the year. However, there are some of the beaches that are not so fun during September to November.

Sunny Isles Beach is one of the few beaches that have a definite possibility of having a hurricane. Although the beach hosts a renowned event called Jazz Fest during October, it would be a gamble for the traveler to visit there during that time. Overall from March to May is the ideal time to visit Miami beaches. Throughout these months pleasant summer hits the coasts that will make you feel relaxed.

Thailand, Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most common holiday destinations in the world. You live in west or eastern part of the world, Thailand will always be an affordable yet relaxing place for holidays. Summer in Thailand is not much bearable as summer in Miami. Comparatively, winter is fresh and more enjoyable in Thailand. December to March is the best time to visit Thailand beaches. After March the summer is unbearable there, especially for the people living in the west.

Greece beaches

Spring and autumn are the two best seasons to travel to Greece Beaches. From mid of April to mid of June will be an ideal time to visit the beaches in Greece. Summer is pathetic in Greece. With 40-degree centigrade and heat waves in daytime, it will be horrible for anyone to enjoy the beautiful beaches. Winter is cool there, not so friendly for the beaches though. Hence the best time for the beach visit in Greece would definitely be April to June or September to October.

Australia Beaches

Winter is the best time to visit Australian beaches. Summer isn’t much bearable there. Though one can easily go there during New Year celebration time, October – November would still be the ideal time. Australian Beaches like Gold Coast hosts a number of New Year celebration parties during December and January. One can visit at that time to enjoy those parties to the fullest.


Eastern countries such as India have unbearable summer with 40+ degrees centigrade. For the beaches in these countries the best time to be in during winter or autumn. From October to March will be an ideal time to visit eastern countries’ beaches.