Prepare Yourself With Both Hands! Travel “Walker Bag” Must Have 7 Items

Travel may be “unpredictable situation of the day,” so it is best received in the early morning, “Walker bag” on the bed before going to sleep at any time with the body, what happens, you can immediately pick up this bag, The first time to escape, but what should be put inside? Following experienced earthquakes, then received a good “Walker bag” 6 items, for your reference!


The most important of course is the passport! Without a passport, a replacement will take a long time and formalities. If anything happens, such as an earthquake, the authorities may not be able to handle it either. It is also hard to leave or seek help from the consulate!


Wallets can have enough money or credit card, even in the event of natural disasters, emergency super important! Unfortunately, public transport stops and taxis can also be used. See potential color right, walk in buy tickets fly home can be!


In terms of earthquakes, the warning function of the mobile phone was very important. At the time of the Kyushu earthquake, people held a mobile phone and took it to the restroom. In the event of a strong earthquake, it could also obtain a 5-second escape time. Can be used as a flashlight, lighting purposes. What happened, but also instant Internet to find ways to save you.


When a man-made disaster occurs natural disasters horse chaos occasion, may not be able to buy water so easily, so put a bag of water to prepare for the rainy day.

A Few Snacks

For the same reason above, really unfortunately trapped or without food, a few snacks barely withstand a period of time.

The External Charger

I just said that the cell phone is very important, so it must maintain its power level. If it does not have electricity, it will be bad for it to be used for lifesaving purposes. Therefore, with an external charger, even if there is something wrong, there is no place for plug charging, Live file!


In addition to security issues, fear of being unsafe in the hotel, while some valuables, such as cameras, there are precious memories of the items, there will be no regret.