Tips to Keep Your Documents and Gadgets Safe When You Travel

As you travel, there are many challenges that you can face and some can be quite stressful. Imagine losing your gadgets or documents while abroad! Where do you begin to ensure that you get them back, how long will it take to replace them?


Take for example a situation that happened to us when we were traveling in Australia. We ended up buying a really old Toyota Tarago and drove it down the East Coast. When we got to Newcastle the van was not doing so good. It was overheating and was not handling the pressure we were putting on it.


After taking it to a mechanic he advised us it needed a lot of repairs. For the price, we paid it was not worth it. So we decided to sell it to a local wrecker ABCM Car Removal. They paid us cash and we were happy. But we forgot to clear the car out before we handed it over to them.


Luckily, as part of their process, they gave the car a quick look over and low and behold they found my passport and a bunch of cash that I had hidden behind the seat. Losing this would not have been good, but luckily it didn’t happen. A close call.


If it was lost this becomes a terrible situation. To avoid such stressful situations, you can keep your possessions safe in various ways. 


  • Get an Anti-Theft Bag

If you are walking, it’s best that you get an anti-theft bag. They are readily available in the market. Fancy bags are somehow associated with gadgets and money thus it is not advisable to carry one. You might be a target of a robbery. 


  • Do Not Display Your Personal Belongings

Displaying your valuables such as an expensive watch, smartphone, tablet, earrings and necklaces among others will make you a target. Keep them safely in your bag or leave them in the hotel’s safe. 


  • Leave Some Gadgets and Documents At Home

If there are gadgets and documents that you will not be using as you travel, leave them at home. If you are not using your laptop or iPad, leave them behind. The fewer gadgets you have the lower the chances of losing them. 


  • Purchase Gadget Travel Insurance 

There are plenty of insurance companies offering gadget travel insurance. You should purchase one if you have to carry your gadgets when traveling. Although you should take care of your gadgets, you will be compensated if you lose them, they are stolen or damaged. 


  • Use the Safe at Your Hotel

Most of the hotels have a safe in every room. These safes are meant for valuable items such as gadgets, credit cards, money, and documents. Always make use of the safe especially when you are not in the room.

You can still lose your valuables in the room and the worst part is that your travel insurance will not compensate you in such a case. 


  • Keep Your Valuables with You

You might be tempted to keep your bag on the seat or floor when at a train or bus terminus or even under your seat when traveling. It’s better to keep them on your lap rather than replace them.


Replacing several gadgets that you have is not easy. You lose gadgets, important files, messages and contacts that you have saved in them. Do your best to keep them safe as you travel.