Traveling Tips to the Old Quarter of Valencia Region

If you are a history buff visiting Valencia, then you are in for a treat. The region is rich in history spanning back centuries ago and one of the most impressive areas to visit is the Old Quarter. Although it is a historically rich region, it has more to offer to its visitors as they stroll in its narrow streets. 

Visit the Church of Nuestra Senora De Los Desamparados

Also known as the Virgin de Los Desamparados or La Geperudeta, this is one of the Patron Saints of Valencia who is celebrated in the month of May. The basilica is the work of Diego Martinez Ponce de Urrana between the year 1652 and 1667. Inside the church, you get to see the statue of ‘Our Lady of the Forsaken’ which the church is dedicated to.

Party like a Local

A great way to see how the locals indulge is to experience Valencia’s nightlife. The region offers an abundance of pubs, bars, and clubs. With plenty of places to unwind after a long day and with the locals loving fun, the nightlife will not disappoint. It goes until the wee hours of the morning and you will not be surprised to find that you enjoy club hopping.

The Marques De Dos Aguas Palace

As you walk on the streets of Valencia, you will come across this grand palace with a stunning facade. The Marques de dos Aguas is rich in history as it was built by an aristocratic family back in the 18th century. Inside the palace, you get to see plenty of ceramics collection as this is home to the Ceramics Museum in the city. The museum which hosts collections that were donated by Manuel Gonzalez Marti was founded in the year 1954.

Valencia Institute of Modern Art (IVAM)

For the lovers of art, a visit to this museum that was founded in 1989 is a must. Inside the museum, you get to see about 400 works by Julio Gonzalez, a Catalan sculptor, works by famous artists in the 20th century and about 100 works by Ignacio Pinazo, a local artist. Besides these, the permanent collection is huge and visitors also get to see some temporary exhibitions.

The Old Quarter of Valencia never disappoints its visitors. As you stroll the streets, you will always find something fascinating whether it’s a historical site, a market or an architectural design. This old city tends to have something for everyone.