How Do You Mix Sodium Hypochlorite For Pressure Washing?


Anyone that has never pressure washed a surface for even a single second of their life so far would probably think that water is the only thing that is required for such cleaning practices. Now, we are not going to dare to knock water because of the fact that it is the single most effective chemical that you could ever hope to use, at least in a cleaning capacity. That said, water all on its lonesome will not be adequate if you want to sanitize the surface that you are pressure washing, and suffice it to say that adding a bit of sodium hypochlorite into the mix will work wonders to that end.

Don’t start to fret by how complicated sodium hypochlorite sounds. This is just the chemical term for bleach and suffice it to say that it is widely used in commercial power washing by numerous companies that are currently turning a profit. Bleach can kill bacteria that no other substance can, including boiling hot water, so you might want to use it during your next power washing session.

In order to mix sodium hypochlorite into your pressure washing solution, keep the ratio to one part bleach to three parts water. This means that if you want to use a hundred milliliters of bleach, you need to use three hundred milliliters of water in the same solution. The great thing about bleach is that you don’t need to add anything else into the solution to make it work properly, but if you want you can add a surfactant as well. This will make a little bit of bleach go a really long way because it’ll spread faster.

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